Agent of Progress Research Project Explanation

The Progress Project is a strategic plan to mitigate productive Americans’ personal and retirement plan savings deficits and 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations’ endowment funding deficits. The Progress Project utilized findings of decades-long research by the Economics of Life Research Project, the Doctors Research Project, and the Permanent Endowment Research Project to devise a strategic plan and develop evidence-based planning programs to implement a loss recovery and savings multiplication process that would recover Great Recession losses and build future retirement savings and endowment assets for productive individuals.  The outcome of this initiative was the creation of the New Economic Order Planning Program.

Resources required by the New Economic Order Planning Program to create 220,000 defined benefit pension plans, 220,000 199A Plans, and 8,300 Permanent Endowment Programs were then identified.  An operating entity, ASK Consulting, LLC was formed to contract with consultants, life insurance companies, banks, and other financial services providers to gain access to the leverage and guaranteed outcome financial instruments that were required by the New Economic Order Planning Program.  Pilot projects to test the effectiveness of New Economic Order Planning Program components, including a personalized, written capital accumulation planning program, were initiated in Hawaii, Southern California, Utah, Colorado, and Indiana.

The New Economic Order Planning Program’s personalized written capital accumulation planning program was integrated with custom designed pension plan proposals illustrating the values of guaranteed-outcome life insurance company protection and life income creation products that are a part of the planning process for highly productive individuals.   The resulting fintech planning platform accomplishes the objectives of the Progress Project through its personalized implementation of the Highly Productive Individuals Planning Program component of the New Economic Order Planning Program.

Commercial bank depository and lending programs were also developed by the Progress Project to accumulate pre-tax surplus earnings for highly productive individuals to allocate to the funding of asset protection programs and pension plans, and to deploy leverage to accelerate the accumulation of retirement savings.  Employer Cash Management Accounts accumulate highly productive individuals’ pre-tax surplus business earnings and allocate these funds to acquire income and asset protection plans, and to fund guaranteed outcome retirement plans.  Pension accelerator loan programs enable highly productive individuals to accumulate $1 million more retirement savings than they would have had in their existing financial structures.

The Progress Project also developed capital accumulation planning programs for millennials and for GenXer’s.  A smartphone application provides the New Economic Order Planning Program’s Personal Cash Management System that enables Millennials and GenXer’s to acquire catastrophic loss protection and guaranteed, tax-free life income for retirement through their participation in the New Economic Order Planning Program.

The Progress Project is also a strategic plan to provide career opportunities to 8500 college graduates, veterans, life insurance agents, and financial advisors to achieve their personal and financial potentials.   The Progress Project has initiated the recruitment, training, and mentoring of 8500 New Economic Order Planning Program Financial/Endowment Consultants during the next five years to generate effective consultants to implement the New Economic Order Planning Program for savers, millennials, GenXer’s, Highly Productive Individuals, and Affluent Individuals.

The Progress Project strategic plan is implemented through the New Economic Order Planning Program and its operational components which include the fintech planning platform, life insurance industry protection and guaranteed life income products, bank depository and loan programs, the internet and social network presence, and the direct mail, email, and social media marketing and prospect generation programs. The Progress Project is now positioned for national expansion and exponential revenue growth.